Our vision

Our vision is making IT secure, reliable and easy to use.

About Our Company

deZillium is a registered privately owned limited liability company in Cyprus, under the name DEZILLIUM LIMITED.

deZillium was founded in January 2012

Our main office is at Karchidonos 26, Lakatamia 2305, Nicosia, Cyprus.

About Our Goals

Our goals are to provide secure, reliable and affordable web hosting services, dedicated and virtual private servers, network design and maintenance services, IT security services and cloud services.

Customer satisfaction is top on our list, and we stand by our promises with 30-day money back guarantee on selected services.

About our Team

Each of our members has multiple decades of experience in their field. Combined experience amounts to over 50 years of in field training.

The cliche: There is no I in team. We apply that daily. Members work together, each bringing their own expertise to the table, to achieve the best possible result.

We have strategically chosen partners, to ensure that not only we are on our best performance, but also the people we work with.


  • Compined experience of over 50 years in IT

    Our experience ensures your project is well taken care of.

  • Our methodology = Security

    Security is our top priority. We are not in it for the money.

  • Readily available expert support

    24/7 actual person support. Not answering machines.

  • We don't like faceless relations with our clients.

    Ask any of our clients: chances are we went out for a coffee.